Why Would You Need Tri-Starr Payroll Services?


Hire for specific increase needs-based on seasonal fluctuations.

Rehire of existing or retired employees for temporary needs that already have experience with your company.

Hire past employees with corporate experience for specific project-based needs.


Want to initiate a Military Intern Program for potential long term employees.

Allow Tri-Starr to assist your Intern program as you seek to evaluate for long term employment.

Let Tri-Starr manage your current Intern Program and manage the entire payroll process.


Evaluate an employee’s performance prior to extending a full-time offer.

Ease of separation of employee that doesn’t meet performance requirements.

Establish a risk-free evaluation period for potential new employees.

Eliminate time and resources spent until the hiring decision is made.

Why Payroll?

Allow temporary or long-term employees to be hired by Tri-Starr, paid by Tri-Starr and in turn, work for you.

Minimize the liability of hiring a new employee and the time and resources needed by your internal HR department by allowing Tri-Starr to manage the evaluation period.

By selecting Tri-Starr as your payroll service provider, you gain the confidence of knowing all your liabilities are covered, so you can focus on truly
evaluating the candidate for the needs of your company.

There is a lot of work and time spent in onboarding a new employee. What if the employee isn’t the right fit? Knowing this before you hire someone saves you time, money and the liabilities that go with that.

Let Us Help You with Any Questions You May Have

We Fit Your Payroll Needs

To save you both time and money, Tri-Starr offers administrative and payroll services including:

Providing benefits plans to the employee — Any workers employed through Tri-Starr receive a benefits package from our agency, saving you thousands in benefits plus the time it would take your human resources department to educate employees on their benefit options.
Employee time tracking — We will work with you to set up a customized time tracking system and double check all submitted time cards to ensure accuracy and prevent inconsistencies that can delay your payroll and HR processes.

Processing payroll — Our experienced payroll services staff will work with your team and all temporary employees to keep everyone on the same page, ensuring payroll runs on time and errorfree. You can rest easy knowing our payroll services are compliant with all state and federal

W-2 processing and taxes — Taxes can be a nightmare for any employer, but when Tri-Starr is in the mix, there’s no question your payroll taxes are done right.

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