TechForce: Your Go-To Industrial Job Agency

Frustrated with not having reliable employees?

Here at TechForce, our certified recruiters can get you reliable skilled and light industrial candidates.

Need a high volume of candidates at a fraction of the time?

  • Our certified recruiters can handle high and low volume orders.
  • We have a 96% fulfill rate on job orders.  We can get you quality and reliable candidates in just a matter of days.
  • We have access to candidates you don’t have access to.
  • We have been in business for over 30 years
  • We are local, headquartered right here in San Antonio, TX  

Qualities Our Candidates Look for in an Industrial Job

Leadership Opportunities
Our candidates display superior work ethic, reliability, excellent attendance, a solid safety record, maintain attention to detail, and meet and exceed attitude expectations.

We understand that many employers prefer to offer temporary or temp-to-hire positions, providing the opportunity to find the right fit before making a final decision. We look for candidates who are flexible and ready to fill a need at a moment’s notice.

A safe workplace is a top priority for industrial and manufacturing employers. As your industrial job agency, we will work with you to make sure all candidates hired through TechForce comply with your workplace safety policy. Tri-Starr performs initial and quarterly worksite evaluations to ensure
our employers offer a continually safe environment with the proper safety equipment. Accidents and incidents are discussed during these evaluations to encourage proactive planning for work safety during the next quarter.

Need to find talent for a new temporary or permanent position?

TechForce is leading the way right here in San Antonio, TX

TechForce is a leading manufacturing and industrial job agency. We excel at finding the right
employee for the right job. Our team of experienced staffing and recruiting experts
will be your trusted partner in working to locate the qualified candidate that are the best for your
company. We’ve matched employees with companies in a number of manufacturing jobs and
industrial disciplines, including:











Steel Industry

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Plant Manager

Manufacturing Engineer

Project Manager

Quality Assurance



Operations Manager

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