Tri-Starr has a 30-year proven history of providing Staffing and Recruiting services to our clients.  We are a woman-owned business and just like those women who put Tri-Starr on the map in 1985, the women on our team today are taking Tri-Starr into the future.

We have recognized the increased difficulty in recruiting and hiring quality people.  We know that relying on the same old tactics of job boards and access to resume databases will not get it done.

Our goal is to help companies find the best technical talent, avoid big direct hire fees, and ultimately reduce or eliminate the current job board spend.  We want our clients to spend more time interviewing the right people and less time mining through piles of resumes and paying for expensive job boards.

We have made investments in tech innovations that give us access to AI sourcing and Machine Learning matching technology.  When we leverage this access along with our database that we have built over the past 30 years, we simply have access to candidates that no one else does.

This approach of Technology and Personal Touch helps us fill tough positions previously deemed “unfillable” with top talent.

Our Core Values

A Commitment to Customer Service
We value our customers and would not provide them with people that we would not hire internally. Our quality assurance outreach efforts are designed to provide continual oversight to prevent service disruptions.

A Drive for Innovation
Technology drives our business, and we can keep up with the latest developments in recruiting and staffing without losing the personal, peopleto-people touch that fosters long-term business relationships.

Confidence in Teamwork
To provide the range of services we offer, it is vital for our departments to work as a team to satisfy our client’s requirements. Our people are our most valuable assets and the driving force behind the value we will bring to your organization.

Integrity and Professional Conduct
To satisfy our customers, we must first understand our candidates. Our team takes the extra time to get to know our temporary employees on a personal level in order to provide the right people at the right time to our customers.

Our Affiliations